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Felt & pre felt bats/sheets from £10

Small bags of Alpaca fleece from £2

Special offer

Large sack of Alpaca fleece at £10 each.

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Join the British Alpaca Society today and become part of our national network dedicated to all things alpaca. Membership offers knowledge, networking and support to help you protect your investment and work towards your own alpaca aspiration.


Our herd of Mature Males runs together along with a Wether Llama, out of sight of our females. They get along fine most of the time, just occasionally having a sort out of the pecking order, by indulging in a couple of hours of mayhem!! fighting and screaming, rearing and biting at each other's vulnerable areas, until the main contestants end up dribbling and trembling with exhaustion.

They all settle back down to grazing after a short while, usually none the worse for it, as all their hooked Fighting Teeth are checked and cut off as necessary, every shearing day.

All of our boys are unrelated, separate bloodlines and colours, giving us a large and varied gene pool to draw on when selecting Stud Males for our years’ breeding program, or for any of our customers requiring the same.

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