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Don't forget you still need to wear your face coverings and keep your distances


Felt & pre felt bats/sheets from £10

Small bags of Alpaca fleece from £2

Special offer

Large sack of Alpaca fleece at £10 each.

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There is a no more wonderful sight than an exuberant herd of female alpacas and their Crias in the dusk of a summer evening, as they go "Pronking" like gazelles round their paddock. It is one of the many things that make Alpaca keeping a memorable and rewarding experience.

There are 21 natural colours in Alpacas and we have had most of them in our herd, at one time or another. One of the things that makes breeding alpacas so interesting is that you don`t know what colour will appear! Absolutely marvellous!!!

The Gestation period being 11 to 12 months. Their Crias are born at the best time of the year for sunshine, very important for providing Vitamin D, which is essential for growth in new-born Crias.

Females that have given birth, are re-mated 10 - 24 days later, depending on how easy the birthing was. The selected STUD MALE is introduced into a small paddock containing one or more females and their Crias. The male will usually very quickly select the female that is the most open for mating and begin ORGLING, a gurgling noise made in the back of the throat throughout the whole mating procedure. He will start by chasing the selected female, attempting to push her to the ground by rearing up and resting his chest on her rear-end, gripping her round the waist with his fore-legs. If the female is ready to be mated, she will stop trying to get away, and settle herself down into the crushed position, with the male standing over her. He then settles himself behind and half reared over her hips, his forelegs on either side of her ribcage.

The act of Mating in Camelids is a leisurely affair, lasting from 10 to 40 minutes.

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